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Накладываем фильтры стандарта CSS3 на основную иллюстрацию.

Создаём переменную $ключ и выводим «Да», если ключ есть или «Нет», если ключ отсутствует: ДаНет.

Невозвратный переход. После выбора этой ссылки игрок не сможет вернуться на предыдущую страницу кнопкой «Отменить».

Ссылка на параграф, содержимое которого будет выведено на этой же странице: вывести текст начала игры.

Текст, вставленный из другого параграфа:

Случайное целое число от 0 до 6: .

Выбор действия:

Номер выбранного действия сохранится в системной переменной $$choice.

Это следующий параграф, сюда пользователь перейдёт по ссылке из первого параграфа.

Здесь мы добавили спрайт единорога.

Можно добавлять спрайты из интернета, указав их адрес, либо со своего компьютера, воспользовавшись кнопкой «Добавить/Спрайт».

Также добавлена фоновая музыка. Обратите внимание на появившуюся кнопку в панели инструментов.

Примеры, как можно отформатировать текст

Наклонный текст

Жирный текст

Подчёркнутый текст

Моноширинный текст

Этот текст выровнен по центру

Этот текст выровнен по правому краю

Изображение (поддерживаются форматы png, jpeg, gif):

Горизонтальная линия:

Это – тире, а не дефис и не минус

Нижний индекс: формула воды H2O

Верхний индекс: площадь комнаты 25 м2

* Первая строка списка

* Вторая строка списка

Несколько приёмов, использование которых сделает игру интереснее.

Ссылка на первый параграф

You are the cat. You lost your owner on the street, when you were coming back from a vet. You want to find your owner and go home.

The cat

You take your chance to find your owner. You ran towards her, Justice followed you excitedly. And you are not disappointed - here she is, you finally found her after all you experienced today. Everybody is happy. And why not, if your owner took Justice with you. Now he is living with you. The dog is happy to have a new home and the best friend.

You are a good boy!

start again

Diary shop welcomes you with a smell of milk, butter and cheese. People are kind here, they started to talk to you, but you couldn't explain them you are lost. They think you are homeless. One old woman caressed and fed you with milk and cottage cheese. You are thankful to her, but now you need to go back and find your owner.

come back

Now you live with this homeless man.

He is a street musician, so you have food and place to hide from rain. Now when you're with him, his life changed for good, he found money to rent a room for both of you. Your bed is warm and life is good.

But sometimes you want to go back to your previous owner. You can try again.

start again

You met a dog. He is homeless and knows streets of London. He agreed to help you for a piece of meat.

go torwards the department store

go to the forest

You are on the street and you're thinking about way to go home.

run after the butterfly

come to the diary shop

find the new owner

ask a homeless dog to help find your home

You wandered on a street for the whole day. You've seen all kind of people - good people that are willing to pet you and give some food and bad people that scare you. You seen dogs sized as a house and a small ones, even smaller than you are.

In the end you've found a man. He is homeless, but he gave you food and sheltered you in a small box. He offers you a new life, so it's now for you to decide whether to stay or leave.

stay with a man

come back

Colourful butterfly caught your attention. You decided it's your primary goal for now - to catch this flying flower and ran for it.

After a ten or more minutes of chasing it you realized you were in the middle of the forest. Wherever you look, you see just woods. You are scared of them. All you are thinking is how can you find your owner now. You can't find the way back.

come back

On the way to department store you were talking to the dog. Now you know that his name is Justice. He is lost just like but for a longer time. He lost his owner on the way from the vet too. Now he is a street dog and he has his ways to live. He told you - the only way to find meat is to take it.

You went to the department store. As you both planned, you started running around, distracting store workers, while Justice stealing a meat. When he's finished, you just leave crime scene.

You and Justice share a meal together. While you are eating, you hear the voice of your owner. She is calling you from everywhere.

run towards her voice

stay in place and wait until she finds you

You are in the forest looking for food. Dog is nervous - he lived on a street for a long time, but he had never been here. He adviced to just go to department store - he knows how to get a meal here. But you feel like you can do everything you want and can find food in the forest.

Now it's time to choose.

go further into forest

listen for a dog's advice and go to department store

You waited patiently until calls faded. No one can find you now. You are homeless now like this dog near you. You finish your meal and try to find some shelter.

You live for a several days in a basement of a house on the outskirts of the city. Life is not good, but you're happy to have a friend by your side.

One day, you are looking for food and just stumbled upon a place you know. You know this smell, you know this street. It's where you lived for all your little life. You see a woman in a distant and you just...

run for her

You aren't lucky today. After some hours of wondering between the trees you know you're failed. It's time to go back to the city. You found a dirty old bun. It's your meal for today.

Looks like people here don't like street animals. They started shouting at you, Dog took a bun and you both run away.

wait for a peaceful moment